Start a self-service laundromat in the country of the ski

Start a self-service laundromat in the country of the ski

12 February, 2016 Blog 0

Deciding to start a self-service laundromat in Andorra has several strengths, derived from three key aspects, such as the tourism; climatology; and sports activities, maingly skiing.

Washers and dryers with large capacity

Washers and dryers with large capacity

A self-service laundromat offers the possibility of working and drying up to 15kg of clothes (including large size pieces and sports clothes), in a short time (less than 1 hour) and lower costs than home or other specialized services expenditures. Moreover, it is more comfortable return home with the clothes cleaned, ready to be kept, avoiding thus having to keep it wet and then having to bring it to the cleaners, with higher costs of time and money.



Ski clothing, clean and dry in less than an hour

Ski clothing, clean and dry in less than an hour

This service is, for many years, known throughout the world, and there are many European countries with a self-service laundromat, in each neighborhood. It is part of the landscape, located next to bakery or the greengrocer. That’s why visitors to Andorra are familiar with this service, and they appreciate it. However, Andorra is still a virgin country in the supply of these laundromats. Investors are starting to be interested in this market niche, especially for skiing areas.



Electrolux guarantee and experience in Spain

Ecobugada Express team has an important experience in Spain, with nearly 200 self-service laundromats working around, throughout 70 municipalities in the country. This expansion has been possible thanks to a business model that fits the needs of the society and, especially, due to the quality of a consolidated brand; Electrolux ensures maximum levels of technology in washers and dryers.

If you are interested to invest in Andorra, please contact our team and we will inform you:


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